New Website

I have created a new version of this website. It now includes an "order" cart, mailing list, blog and better styling. Expect articles, progress posts, rants, news about upcoming batches of blades and whatever else I can find time to cram in here.

The models I produce frequently can be ordered directly from the knife models page, including options for steel type, finish, sheath type and handle material. If I have any left over blades from specific batches you will be able to find them on the available knives page. Eventually the cart will contain t-shirts, patches and whatever else I manage to dream up.

On submitting an order I will contact you to confirm your options and give you a rough timeline depending on my backlog and the knife model. I will send a second email to confirm with you when I am ready to start your blade.

For most of my blades I will be moving to a batch production process, making 5-10 of a blade at once instead of 1 or 2. This will hopefully keep me better organized and increase the speed I can get knives out to people in the future.